Gatehouse HS1 Jockey Skull

The HS1 Jockey Skull conforms to SNELL E2016, the highest standard for equestrian riding hats in the world. This standard includes a unique test that simulates a rider falling into a fence rail, or having a secondary strike by a horse’s hoof. 

The hat features a top-quality, leather, four point harness and Gatehouse Airflow lining with Aegis Microbe Shield treatment. This is a permanently-bonded anti-microbial barrier that provides protection against odour, staining and the deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisms. 

Suitable for all affiliated competition. 

Silver or black

52cm – 62cm


Hats within each shell size may be re-configured by the manufacturer only to change the size through adding further padding. This is standard practice and therefore padding types and thicknesses may vary from one hat to another of the same marked circumference size.